Thursday, August 23, 2012

MCX Gold Tips, Trend and Updates For Today

MCX Gold Trend

Gold has once again managed to touch record levels. Futures market, gold prices have gone beyond Rs 30,400. Domestic prices in the international market boom is supported. The shocking thing is that the international market price of gold is still below the record level of 15 per cent. But the weakness in the rupee remains constant strength in the domestic market. However, this year around the world, including India gold demand has decreased. MCX Gold Trend is looking bullish for intraday trading.

Gold Updates

Analysts believe that reaching base to Rs 29,000 in gold could rise again the trend of investors. Although gold has been slow this year in terms of returns. Gold updates Returns is less than 10 per cent from January onwards. Perhaps this is due to decreased demand for gold. Indeed bank fixed deposits received in return is considered the benchmark for any asset. Gold returns this year is less than bank fixed deposits. Now with the help of currency, gold updates has once again shattered its illumination. But sleep would not rely on the return, then the trend of last year as investors grow hard.

MCX Gold Tips

MCX Gold is looking in a perfect bull face. Technical Tips and reports suggest to buy MCX Gold on lower level for intraday. For today MCX Gold Tips is to buy Gold on lower level to get 31000 level in near term.