Wednesday, August 22, 2012

MCX Gold Silver Tips|Crude Copper Updates

MCX Gold silver Tips

In the international market, after touching a new high of 3.5 months has seen a slight decline in gold. Silver has been broken on the Comaks. Of crude oil in the international market has been sluggish moves. COMEX gold at the moment, with 0.1 per cent is trading at 1639 dollars per ounce. COMEX 0.5 per cent on the silver collapse occurred at the level of 29.25 dollars per ounce. In MCX Gold Tips suggest a consolidate to positive trend for today. MCX Technical Tips also favouring the a bullish trend in MCX Gold. Silver also a bullish commodity for today. MCX silver have a strong resistance at 56000 level today. MCX Silver Tips is to buy silver on lower levels.

Crude Updates

NYMEX Meanwhile on the 3-month crude oil is reaching new heights. Currently idling NYMEX full business between the crude oil at 96.80 dollars a barrel is trading flat. Brent crude on the ICE with a gain of 0.25 per cent is trading at 114.70 dollars per ounce. In domestic market MCX crude oil is trading at higher level of its 3 month trading session. Crude updates are looking high at the moment.

Copper Updates

MCX Copper updates are, Copper is facing a consolidate trend from last month. It is trading in a range bon of 410-425 trading levels. For today updated trend is looking consolidate to positive. Copper Updates for today is to buy on lower levels.