Tuesday, November 22, 2011

MCX Gold and Silver Tips, Copper News and Crude Updates Today

Today again MCX Commodity Market is trading at higher prices. MCX Gold, Silver, Copper, Crude and all other Base Metals and Energy products are trading positively. We assume that all are trade higher for the day, only few Base Metals are go negative prices in today's trading session.

MCX Gold and Silver Trends:
MCX Gold is trading near at Rs. 28,650 and MCX Silver is trading at Rs. 55,450. Both Bullion Metals are trading up for the day. 

Copper News Today:

All Base Metals are trading on a positive note today. MCX Copper is trading near aty Rs. 388. We assume that MCX Copper and other Base Metals are trading at Higher Prices today.

Crude Updates:
MCX Crude Oil is trading at Rs. 5120, it is trading up for the day. MCX Crude is trading at higher prices today.

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