Thursday, June 2, 2016

Equity Trading Tips: AIF investments rise 30% to Rs 18,000 cr in March quarter
Equity Trading Tips: NEW DELHI: Alternative Investment Funds (AIFs) have made speculations to the tune of more than Rs 18,000 crore amid January-March quarter, a surge of 30% from the former three months.

AIFs are a class of pooled-in speculation vehicles for land , private value and multifaceted investments.

They made ventures to the tune of Rs 18,237 crore in three months finished March 31, 2016, higher than Rs 14,031 crore mixed in October-December quarter, as per most recent information accessible with Sebi.

The Category I AIFs poured in Rs 2,828 crore, Category II Rs 11,502 crore and Category III Rs 3,907 crore.

The controller had told in May 2012, the rules for this class of business sector delegates. From that point forward, they have been making venture. Toward the end of December 2012, they pumped in just Rs 20 lakh which has now hopped to more than Rs 18,000 crore.

More than 200 AIFs have been enlisted with Securities and Exchange Board of India (Sebi) since 2012.

AIFs are assets built up or fused in India with the end goal of pooling in capital from Indian and remote financial specialists for contributing according to a pre-chosen approach. Under Sebi rules, AIFs can work comprehensively in three classifications.

The Category-I AIFs are those assets that get motivating forces from the administration, Sebi or different controllers and incorporate social attempt saves, base resources, speculation assets and SME reserves.

The Category-III AIFs are those trading with a perspective to making transient returns and incorporates fence funds, among others.

The Category-II AIFs can invest anywhere in any mix however are restricted from raising obligation, except for meeting their day-to-day operational requirements. These AIFs incorporate private value reserves, obligation supports or store of funds, as also all others falling outside the ambit of above two other categories.