Thursday, March 31, 2016

Microsoft outlines intelligence vision for Win-10

Microsoft's India-born CEO Mr. Satya Nadella today outlined the technology giant's vision to combine the power of human language & advanced machine intelligence as he declared new updates to the operating system Windows 10 to create more personal computing for every customer.

"As an organization, we are on the cusp of a new frontier that pairs the power of natural human language with advanced machine learning," Mr. Nadella said in his keynote address to thousands of developers at Build 2016, its annual mega-gathering of developers that kicked-off today where the organization presents its newely technologies & tools.

At organization, we call this Conversations as a Platform, & it builds on and expands the power of the Microsoft Azure, Office 365 & the Windows platforms to empower developers everywhere," Mr. Nadella told.

Mr. Nadella and executive vice president of Windows & Devices Group Terry Myerson outlined to the developers Microsoft's strategy concerning the work it is doing to help them embrace the era of conversational intelligence & create more personal computing for every customer, industry & business.

Mr. Nadella showcased improvements to Cortana and declared previews of new cloud services & toolkits designed to create intelligent bots. Myerson announced the Win-10 Anniversary Update, aimed to deliver significant new creations & innovations for consumers and developers for the Universal Windows Platform.

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