Thursday, February 18, 2016

World Wide : Downturn spurred Fed to consider changing rate path 18 Feb

Federal Reserve : The policymakers worried on previous month that a world wide slowdown and financial market selloff could hurt the economy of US & considered changing the central bank's planned interest rate lift path for 2016. Click for Free stock tips Although most of the policymakers yet expected to raise rates current year & even discussed a hike at the Jan 26-27 policy meeting, they were divided over how to interpret the financial market volatility, in accordance with the minutes from the meeting released on yesterday.

That suggested "Federal Reserve" was backing away from the four rate increase that were signalled for current year in the month of December, when it increase rates for the very 1st time in nearly a decade. The policymakers discussed "altering their earlier views of the appropriate path for the target range for the federal funds rate," but most judged it "premature" to make big changes to their outlook, according to the minutes.

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