Friday, February 19, 2016

Today's stock market updates 19 Feb, 2016
Telecommunication stocks reformed in the trading session after reports emerged that Telecom  Commission may discuss the liberalisation of 800MHz spectrum in circles that lack market-determined prices. in the meantime, energy stocks witnessed heavy selling with Hindustan Petroleum & IOC losing the most.

Banking sector shares earned for the 2nd straight day, with public sector banks taking the lead. The gov is about to set up a "bad bank" to take over the non-performing assets.

Talking about specific stocks, Jet Airways went high as much as 2.82 per-cent after media reports told that the UAE-based Etihad Airways, which has 24 per-cent stake in Jet Airways, is going to increase its holding to 49 per-cent.

SpiceJet overflowed more than 4.11 per-cent after the company showed highest ever passenger load factor for the 9th consecutive month.

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