Tuesday, September 11, 2012

MCX NCDEX Trend Today: Commodity Tips

October gold futures on MCX after touching a record level of Rs 32043 has come down a bit. Delhi gold in the spot market at Rs 32500 is reached. While extremely weak business in the international market. Qi -3 Fomsi this week's meeting which is expected to be decided on.

MCX Trend Today

The MCX gold is trading around Rs 32200 in its last trading and closed at 31924 up by 0.09 per cent, while silver is trading at Rs 64024 with 0.21 per cent. MCX crude oil is trading at Rs 5324. MCX base metals has gained more than 1 per cent.

NCDEX Trend Today

The sharp decline in gram. NCDEX chana prices at more than Rs 100 is broken. Spot markets also declined strongly in gram. Chana on NCDEX dropped 2.5 per cent currently is trading at Rs 4650. Chinese 0.5 per cent up on the NCDEX is trading at Rs 3,470. Close to 1 per cent on MCX Crude Palm oil is trading at Rs 540 with a gain.

Commodity Tips

MCX Crude oil (September Futures): Buy - 5330, stoploss - 5290 and target - 5420
MCX Nickel (September Futures): Buy - 920, stoploss - 895 and the target - 960
MCX Gold (October Futures): Buy - 31900, stoploss - 31800 and the target - 32100
MCX Silver (December futures): Buy - 64000, stoploss - 63600 and the target - 64800