Thursday, August 16, 2012

Commodity Tips and Copper Updates For Today

Commodity Tips

Despite the slowness of the international market in the domestic market is seeing an increase in gold and silver. Drasr weakening rupee against the dollar, gold and silver have been strengthened. COMEX 0.2 per cent drop on the gold and silver are 1.5 dollars. NYMEX flat and the crude oil is trading at 94.25 dollars. Get Free Commodity Tips For Accurate Profit by filling free trial form.

Copper Updates

Copper on the LME have gone up 0.2 per cent. 0.3 per cent on MCX gold is trading at Rs 30 090 with strength. The silver with 0.25 per cent is close to Rs 53560. MCX Crude oil 1 per cent at Rs 5270 with strength is reached. MCX 0.25 to 0.7 per cent decline in the base metals, but only in the copper business is flat. Copper Updates are to buy on lower levels.