Tuesday, July 17, 2012

MCX Tips For Gold Silver with Live Trend

MCX Gold Trend

MCX Gold is trading with a initial gain of 0.23 per cent today. Currently MCX Gold trend suggest a bullish trend in gold. It is trading at 29350 levels today having a upward resistance at 29480 level for today and a sharp support at 29250 levels. Gold live trend is in bullish phase.

MCX Gold Tips

MCX Gold tips for today is: Gold requires fresh triggers to break out of the current consolidation phase. MCX Gold is looking upside, So we suggest to Buy MCX Gold on Lower levels.

MCX Silver Live Trend

MCX silver is also trading with a gain of 0.32 per cent. Silver is currently trading on 52913 level. MCX silver trend is suggest a sharo resistance at 53800 levels and a support near 52300 level. MCX Silver trend is bullish for today.

MCX Silver Tips

MCX Silver has trimmed early losses due to the strong rupee, but facing a low trend in Global market. MCX Silver tips for today is to buy Silver on lower level. Fill the free trial form for more MCX Gold and MCX Silver Tips.