Tuesday, July 10, 2012

MCX Crude Tips and Gold Updates For Today

MCX Crude Tips

Crude oil has gone up. Domestic and international crude oil is 0.5 per cent. MCX crude oil price is Rs 4805. NYMEX 85 dollars a barrel on crude oil has reached the top. More then one and Half per cent of crude oil in the domestic market with strength in last trading. The Norwegian companies over a strike in the international market has also seen strong crude oil prices. In MCX Crude we suggest to Buy Crude on lower levels as Intraday MCX Crude Tips.

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Gold Updates For Today

Gold updates for today are gold moves very slow. International and domestic market, gold is trading in a limited range bond. Even after Nearly 1 per cent in rupee against the dollar has weakened, Gold in the domestic market has not yet strong. Strong light in the international market in gold, while silver is trading with strong gains. Silver is trading with strength. MCX silver up 0.7 per cent over Rs 53500. COMEX about 1.5 per cent in silver leaping. All base metals except nickel is accelerating. Lead, zinc and aluminum per cent are strong. Copper is a light edge.