Thursday, July 26, 2012

MCX Copper Tips and Copper Updates For Today

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Copper Updates

MCX Copper is looking consolidate today. It is trading at 419 levels with a initial loss of 0.39 per cent. Tips and Updates suggest that MCX Copper is trading near a crucial support of 416. Oscilators are in a buying mode. Initial moves like 423-425 levels may be get the 429-430.50 levels also. Updates for Copper is, Prices fell due to a stronger dollar against the euro. A sharp decline in domestic prices was, however, limited due to a weaker rupee against the dollar.

MCX Copper Tips For Today

MCX Copper is looking consolidate to bullish at the moment. It will be a treat to see copper at 426 levels again. Technical Tips suggest that Copper has a resistance near 425 level. MCX Copper Tips is to buy Copper on lower level.