Tuesday, June 26, 2012

MCX Silver Tips and Trend Today

MCX Silver Trend For Today
Till yesterday evening silver was in a full bear phase but in evening session of trading it has recovered from 52000 levels and set onto 53500 levels. It closed at 53670 with more then 1.5 per cent up. Because of lots of ups and down it is so hard to track the MCX silver trend but we provide you accurate trend for mcx silver. In technical report mcx silver trend is looking weak. It may go upto 54800-55200 if it cross the level of 54100 on intraday basis else below 52800 it would be in down trend.

MCX Silver Tips For Today
Silver is looking consolidate to positive in intraday trend but it has a crutial support at 52800. We suggest to take a fresh position in MCX Silver and follow the Buy on Dips strategy.

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