Friday, June 8, 2012

Crude Updates and MCX Tips For Today

Crude Updates
Sharp decline in crude oil. Down nearly 2 per cent to Rs 4,600 on MCX crude oil has come to. The effect of the decline in the international market has had on the domestic market. Decreases in interest rates in China, there are signs of a bad economic situation.
Currently oil futures prices are hovering below $83.50/bbl with loss of more than 1 percent in electronic platform. Most of the Asian stocks have headed for a downside trend in lieu of Bernanke statement given on yesterday. Plunge in Global financial market is witnessed after hope of further monetary stimulus became vein as Fed denied for it. Thus, we may expect the impact is to remain for the day by over shadowing China’s interest rate cut for the first time in last four years.

Free Commodity Tips For Today
  • MCX Crude oil (June futures): Sell 4624, stoploss of Rs 4675 and the target is 4540.
  • MCX gold (August futures): Sell 29290, stoploss of Rs 29370 and the target is 29010.
  • MCX Silver (July futures): Sell 53690, stoploss of Rs 54050 and the target is 53000.
  • MCX Copper (June futures): Sell 408, stoploss of Rs 410.60 and target is 402.
  • MCX Zinc (June futures): Sell 104.40, stoploss of Rs - and target 105.40 is 102.50
  • MCX Lead (June futures): Sell 105, stoploss of Rs - 105.90 and the target is 103.
  • MCX Aluminum (June futures): Sell 108.60, stoploss of Rs - 109.50 and the target is 106.60
  • MCX Nickel (June futures): Sell 915, stoploss of Rs 930 and the Target is 895.