Tuesday, October 11, 2011

MCX & NCDEX Commodity Market News Today

MCX Commodity Market Updates:-

Precious metals are trading higher on COMEX today. Base metals are trading lower on International bourses today. Crude oil is trading lower on NYMEX today. Today MCX Gold and MCX Crude Oil is trading at higher prices. MCX Silver and other Base Metals MCX Copper, Zinc, Lead are trading at lower prices.

• NYMEX crude trades near $85/bbl Tuesday after 2.9% gain yesterday.
• NYMEX gas trades higher Tuesday after 1.7% gain yesterday.
• LME Copper trades lower in early trades today after rallying yesterday.

NCDEX Agri Commodity Market Updates:-

Outlook for Soybean is seen sideways to up for the day. Pepper futures to trade higher for the day. CPO is expected to trade sideways to higher for the day. Guar Complex is expected to trade sideways to up for the day. Outlook for Chana is up for the day. Outlook for Jeera is sideways to down for the day.
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